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Welcome to the online portfolio of Dawn Marie Kelley (that's me). Ask me what I am and the immediate answer I will give is storyteller. I like to tell a good story. And while writing was where it all started for me, it is not my sole outlet as a storyteller. I enjoy creating stories in many different ways. Rather it's making the right calls at the right time as a Stage Manager or Directing a story from behind the camera, I enjoy the work of making ideas of the imagination come to life.

Dawn What Happened?

Life happened, I had to eat, I had to pay bills….I ran out of enough money and time to finish Fairy Dust the way I wanted.

But the writer in me has been screaming and so I’m actively looking into getting a book published right now. I plan to do some cleaning up, clearing out, and updating around here over the Christmas holidays.

What’s Going on With Fairy Dust….

So life threw me some curveballs and while I’ve been struck down for a few moments. I’m climbing back up to make this thing a reality. Find out more about what’s going on with Fairy Dust…. here.

And we’re in Post-Production….

warriorsq As of Sunday, Production is pretty much wrapped (except for a couple shots we need to get of a sweet little baby). Looking forward to the next stage and watching the magic develop… Keep watch on the official page for more updates